Understand your body!
excitingly! The team at Austral family medical centre would like to announce that we are shorty introducing one of the latest advanced technology to add to our services.
We are extending our dietetic services to include a comprehensive body analysis using one of the best bio-electrical body composition analyser.
This highly accurate analysis will establish a baseline to help achieve individuals goals and optimal fitness level. It gives a true indicator of individuals inner health and, when monitored over time, it is proven to improve the impact of any weight loss program and improve overall health and wellbeing.
– TGA approved
– Clinical accuracy (3-5% of DEXA)
– Non invasive
Instant analysis of:
– whole body/ segmental analysis (BIA)
– Weight, BMI
– Physique rating
– Basal metabolic rate
– Metabolic age
– Daily calorie intake/ requirements
– Body fat percentage/ mass
– Muscle mass/ quality
– Total water (extracellular/intracellular)